Sarita Patel

Call girls in Aurangabad are famous for their promiscuous ways. As the name suggests, they lure men from their homes using their beauty and seduction. It is a well-known fact that the capital of India is one of the most preferred destinations for ‘love across the globe’. The services offered by the Call Girls in Aurangabad are excellent and are in high demand.
As per their requirements, they have to be prepared carefully. Some of them have come with pimples on their faces. They are not interested in anything else but having some ‘me’ time with the handsome men. Some others are willing to do anything for money. It is the men who need to be wary while choosing the women for themselves.
The government is aware about the malpractices practiced by the call girls in Aurangabad. On the first day of his rule, he formed a commission to curb such practices. Thousands of fraudulent girls were arrested and a huge number of properties were handed over to the government as compensation. The other measures, adopted by the new regulation, are to provide better education to girls and stopping any form of online cheating. All those cases were settled long before by the concerned authorities.
Today, girls are well educated and earning decent salaries. Their demand has increased manifold during the early years of his rule. His policies did not discriminate. Anyone, irrespective of age or religion was accepted as a member of the society. In fact, the percentage of children married today is very less.
Though the laws prohibit free mingling of the male and female sexes, some progressive thoughts prevail among the young people. The young girls of this age prefer to socialize with both the sexes. The concept of ‘jealousy’ is quite common. They keep in mind the picture of the ‘modern’ Indian women that was depicted in the old movies. Aurangzeb kept these traits in mind and did not tolerate any form of jealousy among the girls.
Many girls from the conservative areas have converted to Islam. Some have even embraced it full. These girls can be separated from their husbands and married to the men belonging to the ‘westernized’ religions. It is not easy to find girls who have converted. They have to be searched carefully.
The most attractive feature about the Aurangzeb girls is their loyalty to their husbands. They remain loyal to their husbands till the last days of their marriage. Once married, they do not allow their brothers to touch them. Even after they become mothers, they never allowed the husband to touch them.
Girls from the rural areas have to work in cities for earning a livelihood. They are thus, always ready to accept any kind of invitation and go on with the life that they have come to. They are modest and maintain a veil when in public places. Many of them are good at making people happy. That is why, they are known as the ‘courtesans of the century’.
Aurangzeb has created numerous rules for the maintenance of social harmony and unity. He has banned the dowry system. This has made the women more reliable. If a girl has given her consent for marriage, then she cannot be forced to leave her husband. In case, she does not obey him, then he can easily marry someone else and thus destroy all relationships he might have with his wives.
Nowadays, the young girls from Aurangabad have to go to distant states to look for their suitors. They have to keep in touch with their kinfolk through long distance phone calls. They need this in order to come back home safe and intact. If their suitors find out that they are away, they will never dare to try and get in touch with them.
There have been reports of the brutal killing of girls who were being used by a single person to satisfy the sexual desires of many others. The best examples of these cases are the murders of the seven-year-old Akbar AH, at Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. Later on, when the bodies were found, the police identified the body as belonging to Akbar AH. Though the police managed to arrest the boyfriend of Akbar AH, the father of the victim was still free and committed the same crime again.
Call girls in Aurangzeb’s day were not very well educated. She was either a housewife or a student who did not have any job. However, as times changed, she began to get some education and some good jobs. She is now enjoying the liberty that women so often enjoyed under the reign of Aurangzeb.